Chilling In Taipei

For the glamour of Hong Kong, the decadence of Bangkok, and the absolute size of Tokyo, Taipei and its nightlife often gets missed out. The quality of Taiwan’s bars, dance clubs, and live music venues has plenty to offer visitors but while its capital may have less in terms of quantity. It begins with the city’s famous night markets and then proceeds to catch local and well-known DJs and bands in bars and cafes across the city prior to dancing away the wee hours in deluxe clubs is how an unforgettable night out in Taipei.

Better start off at Raohe Night Market and taste the delectable carbs and protein. This place maintains a chilled out atmosphere even if it’s handling massive crowds so be prepared for a lively night that needs much energy. After splurging on clothes and footwear, take a taste of soup made of pork rib, fried meat, pepper meat buns, guava and refresh with fresh fruit juice. Head up to the Brown Sugar Live & Restaurant, a nightclub that serves Western and fusion dishes and a vast selection of wine is a go-to place for those who require a drink with dinner. Every night, experience lighting with aura and live music add to the sultry vibe.

Rock club Velvet Underground is happy to abide by a bolder experience. Five nights a week, affordable drinks are its siren song, but drinkers hang on to the quality music from locals and foreigners. While digging on Mexican food, customers can groove along to the music on the dance floor or gaze the acts. The cool underground atmosphere is amplified by the fact that it’s just below street level, in the department store’s basement.

Taipei’s rock hotbed is Riverside. From touring acts or just enjoy the beloved in-house band, the café helped commence some of Taiwan’s biggest acts, and customers can enjoy productions every single night.

While still relatively clear-headed, it may be peerless to search for hidden bar Ounce. Getting inside a coffee shop is the entrance but from there, it’s the point to let the Sherlock-esque instincts rule. Patrons once inside can admire the seriousness with which the bartenders advance their trade and the beautiful, handcrafted cocktails that follow.

Talk the talk, Marsalis Bar is staffed by an award-winning bartender. It complemented the back-lit bar by the classic-meets-modern interior design and the attractive people who meet the dress code.

Even though it caters to unblemished, young locals and expats in the lower level of sky-high building Taipei 101, Spark is relatively laid-back. Though this is one of the city’s best options for upscale partying, the price list reflects the prestigious location more than the vibe. Unlike Taboo, there’s usually space to spread out on the dance floor while the DJ keeps hip-hop, R’n’B and electronica going all night long.