Victoria (Mahé)

No one that goes to Seychelles can avoid Victoria. Victoria is Seychelles’ tiny capital works as the transportation hub for all of Mahé — many bus and ferry services originate in Victoria while the airport is located a mere 6 miles southwest of town. For those en route to Praslin or La Digue, as well as to other points of interest on Mahé, the city’s many transport services make it a convenient layover point. Victoria has an air of hustle and bustle, but not enough to break the city of its provincial ambiance and is home to one-third of the nation’s population. Check for more info.

You can be part of the action at the Sir Selwyn Selwyn-Clarke Market. Since 1840, vendors here have been selling fish and fruit; or if you’re a history buff, you can be one with yourself of the history and culture of the islands by paying a visit at National Museum of History.

Botanical Gardens

You can take a stride from the western edge of the city through downtown to the harbor in roughly 15 minutes. Keep your camera handy so you can snap photos of the town’s old colonial buildings and beloved clock tower  – a replica of a clock that once stood on Victoria Street in London, which former Seychelles governor Sir Ernest Bickham Sweet-Escott admired –  while you’re wandering the place. You’ll also take a peek at a smattering of local mom-and-pop restaurants preparing up fresh seafood and Creole cuisine. 

Le Jardin du Roi Spice Garden (Mahé)

In recent time, locals and tourists visit Seychelles for the soft white sands, but the islands were a hub for the spice trade circa 18th century. Take some time touring Le Jardin du Roi for a closer taste of the islands’ history. There is an old spice garden, still soaked in the aromas of nutmeg, cinnamon, vanilla, and a variety of other spices, sitting on the hilly terrain above Anse Royale beach on Mahé’s southeast coast. As you stroll the gardens, tourists can enjoy the scents and scenery, be educated about Seychelles’ spice trade at the small on-site museum, get up close to giant tortoises, or enjoy a delicious lunch at the restaurant. You can purchase some spices to take with you from the spice shop before you leave.