What’s In Naples?

Sorbillo is the right place to Ascend to pizza heaven

Pizzeria Sorbillo is a slice of pizza heaven and you may have to brave some hellish queues to eat here, tucked among churches, Roman ruins, and catacombs in the historic center of Naples. The pizza-making royalty in Naples, Gino Sorbillo, head pizzaiolo and heir to this historic family’s pizza making throne. The main man makes pizzas that are substantial yet curiously light, with enviably tender yet crunchy crusts using the same mother yeast his family has used for generations. The perfect ratio of loaded Fiori Latte cheese and gentle acidic San Marzano tomato sauce for their famous Margherita. Try the carmine pizza for a spicier option which comes with salami and freshly grated parmesan.

Uncomplicated Da Michele

Da Michele is a distinguished gold statue of Saint Antonio Abate, scaled above the century-old pizza patron of pizza producers and firemen. In Naples, the link between pizza and fire is an object of religious commitment. To savor this pizza that was featured in the movie Eat, Pray, Love, tourists arrive in flock daily. Limited to two types of pizza is offered here: with tomato sauce, Fiori di Latte cheese, and basil Margherita pizza, and the even simpler marinara, covered with nothing but tomato sauce and oregano the restaurant is a study in plainness.

Capricciosa fit for a Prime statue at Pizzeria Di Matteo

Pizzeria Di Matteo is what Neapolitans think of as the place where President Bill Clinton consumed pizza during the 1994 G7 Summit, but without waiting in a long queue is why we recommend it as one of the few places you can get an exquisite pizza in central Naples. The capricciosa is always a stand-out, topped with tomatoes, prosciutto, artichoke, and mushrooms.

The prime ingredients at La Notizia

Apart from the crowd is his near-religious loyalty to the quality and origin of his ingredients is what sets master pizzaiolo Enzo Coccia and his restaurant La Notizia. The term DOP (Denominazione Origine Protetta) in Italy is granted to high-quality foods grown or processed in locally authentic, accustomed ways. To make his delicious DOP pizza, Coccia make use three DOP ingredients: ‘00’ tomatoes from San Marzano, Caputo flour, and mozzarella cheese made from buffalo milk. To produce an elusive simple culinary success, the rich, it gives rise to fruitier, more flavorful tomatoes, provided by volcanic Vesuvian soil, that fuse with fresh mozzarella cheese.

Starita: The sauciest marinara

Famous for creating the best marinara pizza in Naples is Pizzeria Starita. The pizza dough is covered with fresh datterini (cherry) tomatoes, with a fine layer of San Marzano tomato sauce, and wild oregano is prepared by Antonio Starita. He includes a sprinkle of freshly grated Parmesan cheese just as the pizza comes out of the oven. To form a stimulating aromatic pizza, the oregano blends into the saucy folds of crust. Try the Angioletti Dolci fried pieces of pizza dough drowned in Nutella, is worth to taste if you’ve got a room for dessert.